Frequently Asked Questions

Can a child write back to Mister G?

Absolutely, we love to receive mail from our penpals! Our mailing address is:
Mister G
PO Box 275
Whately, MA 01093

Can I enroll more than one child?

If you have more than one child in the same household, you can add both of their names to the first name part of the form (e.g. Ben & Jean). Your household will receive a single postcard each month, addressed to both children.

If you want to enroll two children in separate households, you'll need to sign-up using a different email account (for example, your spouse or partner could register the second child).

Why do you ask for the child's date-of-birth?

So we can send a personalized birthday video at just the right time.

Are you on the list?

If you're not on our list, please sign-up to receive periodic emails about upcoming shows, special events, and new programs.
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PO Box  275, Whately, MA 01093
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